multiply gateshead

boosting maths skills

The Goals

Money Skills

Helping local people overcome the rising cost of living with budgeting skills and financial awareness.

Maths for Parents

Helping parents support their children by providing the maths skills needed to aid with school and homework.

Maths for Life and Work

Building your confidence with Maths in every day life and the workplace.

Multiply for Everyone

Do you want to improve your Maths skills? Perhaps you want to help your children with their homework or work out a household budget, or even get a qualification. Get in touch by clicking the button below.

Multiply for Employers

Do your staff need additional Maths skills for the workplace? Work with us on bespoke projects by clicking the button below.

Multiply for the Third Sector

We will be commissioning out grants to the third sector to deliver Maths interventions to the hardest to reach residents of Gateshead. If you’re interested contact us using the button below. 

Join Our Multiply Team

Do you love maths? Perhaps you want a career change and would like to help others understand maths more or would like to train to be a maths tutor. Click the button below to register your interest!

about the project

Multiply is a new 3 year DfE funded programme to help people improve their maths skills. 

Maths is really important in life. Having good maths skills means better employment chances, higher wages, and better well-being. It can make everyday life better, whether it’s helping your children with their homework, budgeting and money management, or understanding facts and information. 

Our Multiply project will offer free, flexible opportunities for you to improve your maths skills and, if you want, gain a qualification. 

We’ll be adding more information to this website as the project launches, so please check back soon.

If you would like more information about the project, contact us using the button below.